Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead in a Just Getting-by World provides a way for individuals in poverty to examine the impact that poverty has on themselves, their families, and their communities.

Each Getting Ahead class enrolls 12-15 people, called “Investigators,” and is comprised of 16 sessions with the goal of helping people to assess their own resources, make plans for the future, and choose a team to help them fulfill their dreams and goals. Upon completion of Getting Ahead, the Investigators have a detailed personal plan for building resources and a collective plan for how to create a prosperous community. They are then teamed up with mentors called “Allies” to provide ongoing support and encouragement.

To-date, 90 individuals have graduated from the Getting Ahead program and are working through their plan to prosper. The Getting Ahead program is an important component of the Bridges out of Poverty framework that is being introduced in St. Lucie County. Grace Way Village is a member of the Bridges to Prosperity team that is working with the Roundtable of St. Lucie County to introduce the Bridges framework to the community.