Family Transitional Living Facility

Grace Way Village is moving forward in transition, anticipating the next stage of its faithful ministry to our St. Lucie County community. Indian River Presbyterian Church prayed and fasted 8 years ago, seeking God’s will for this property. His answer was clearly understood by the founders, creation of Hope’s Closet 4 Children and Matthew’s Café, along with planning to build a Family Transitional Living Facility for homeless families as the Strategic Plan B. Hope’s Closet 4 Children continues to help children in need with necessary clothing for school and life, clothing over 2,000 children in 2016. Matthew’s Café continues to feed the hungry every Sunday night and Wednesday afternoon, feeding over 6,800 in 2016. Clearly, God’s work continues in abundance. What a privilege to be a part of helping our neighbors in need by being God’s hands and feet!

The exciting news for all of us on Grace Way Village’s Board is that 2017 is the year to move forward with Strategic Plan B, the Family Transitional Living Facility, starting first with the capital campaign. Previous boards have laid a strong foundation for this step by having plans drawn up that were previously approved by the city. Procedures have been written and many required documents gathered by those boards. The vision, the efforts, and the prayers of previous boards are coming closer to fruition.

The need for this facility is great. At the end of the 2016 St. Lucie County school year, there were 708 homeless children registered in the schools. Bearing in mind that most homeless families won’t register their children due to fear of having them removed from their care, the numbers are much higher. There are currently no homeless shelters in St. Lucie County that are safe for children. A week doesn’t go by that Grace Way Village is not involved in some capacity in assisting a homeless family, even if it is just with referrals to other counties. It is time to move forward with Strategic Plan B. Be assured that it is being overseen by business professionals who are serving on the board, led by a strong business plan that will protect the vision and implementation. All on the board are committed to following God and His standards each step of the way.

We are looking for members of our community who are interested in being a part of this renewed effort. If this is something that you would like to follow, as well as to take part in, please email your interest to We would like to add you to our email list specifically for this purpose. We most definitely covet your prayer support as we move forward in this much- needed facility.

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